Wake Me Up When September Ends

26 Sep

Emote song by Greenday/American Idiot (really goes well with Boulevard of Broken Dreams).  They’re supposed to be a rock and loud group, but after I heard these two song, I wanted to cry!  Boy Band pala mga lekat.  Hmp.

"The innocent may never last…" (Don’t I know it!)

But this entry ain’t about that. 

I want September to end, but for other reasons: 

  1. For the Birthday to simply be OVER and done with, the questioning (O ano kelan ka na ba mag-aasawa?) and "subtle" hints (Hindi ka na bumabata!  Mahihirapan ka na manganak nyan.) Ugh!  My life, my terms!
  2. Payday.
  3. October (oktoberfest! alak pa!)
  4. … November … December … JANUARY!!! (hehehe labas na nman countdown!).

But September 2005 was kind to me, I was re-introduced to badminton, found a new spot for buying Robert Heinlein books (majin, brand new ones! here in manila! indeed a rare find!), and introduced to The Wheel of Time. 

Many thanks to my friends.  SANA KARMAHIN TAYONG LAHAT!

Did that last thing sound wrong for you?  Then you must’ve been doing something wrong.  It’s my bestest best wish for do-gooders. And my worst curse to those who deserve it.


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