The Notebook

12 Sep

I’ve this great fascination of notebooks (hoy, ung totoong notebook ha, not the laptops).  Big or small, colorful or plain, lined or not, expensive or not,  I’m always happy to either buy or receive one as a gift (or giveaway).

Maybe it’s my association of a new notebook as a new beginning.  Lots of space to fill with new stories, adventures, learnings, hope.  Maybe my next entry there will make a difference (subtraction?) ūüėõ

But even the old ones, the one I’ve filled up with my notes (color coding pa yan, red, black, blue, asterisk, ALLCAPS, highligther, and so on and so forth), doodles, thoughts, plans, hopes and fears, I keep. 

My notebook collection competes with my book collection.  And once in a while when I like to reminisce, I just bring them out and have a ball.  I remember reading old notebooks where I’ve wrong grammar, spelling, or that I misunderstood what the point was when I wrote it down, or when my penmanship was terrible (it still is, depende sa mood).

Even when I started blogging in 1998, as you can see, the power of the written word is still much stronger.  I can always delete these entries at a click of a button (like what happened when I previously tried to edit them), but my notebooks will take more effort to destroy. 

Yesterday, my long-lost notebook (about a couple of months) was returned, with my 2 crisp P20 bills inside.  Somebody prolly picked it up thinking it belonged to them then got shy on returning it.  I waslet it go then it came back to me.

Another scenario:   A couple of years ago (August 19, 2003 to be exact), I was attacked by a couple of snatchers.  They pulled my bag, pushed me to the ground, then ran fast.  I ran after them and the first thing I yelled was:


Majin that.


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