Birthday Gains

8 Sep

Target ko 29 gains so balik balik lang ako pag naalala ko yung iba.

  1. Weight (eto nman po I gained over the years).  I’ve been trying really hard to get back to my pre-FSD size to minimal success.
  2. People calling you Ma’am or Ate or using "po" and "opo" not because you’re "kagalang-galang" but because you’re "kagulang-gulang".
  3. Wisdom (ahaha ambisyosa). At this point, I know (or have a general idea) of what or who I should fight for and should not.  Sayang ang energy, better spend it on worthy endeavors, life’s too short daba.
  4. Options that lead to…INDECISION!  Waaah!
  5. True friends.  Only a handful. But TRUE. That’s what matters.

One Response to “Birthday Gains”

  1. sky September 9, 2005 at 1:20 am #

    Hmmmm.. weight? get back? beauty conscious pa rin? hehehehe yaman mo na ah!? mag asawa ka na kaya. hindi ka pa ba nag sasawa sa kaka collect ng boyz. hahahaha remember my friend life’s too short….

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