What’s the Deal — (2)

22 Aug

with the MMDA?

The pink fences and signs don’t bother me (though it makes me wonder how much Mr. Fernando has earned from these pinky-cutesy thingies over these years).   Batukan ko sha kung sabihin nyang wala.  Ano bertdey?


These fences make pedestrians walk (ehehe, tama nman ata kse kaya nga tinawag na pedestrian) for such a long way to be able to cross the street and or be able to catch a ride.  And I, a pedestrian, love these walks (pwera nga lang pag umuulan tapos dadaan ka pa sa mga hmmm… "fragrant" urinals) because of the exercise. 

Urinal The pink urinals don’t bother me (though it makes me wonder why only male urinals are available, don’t we women have the need to pee?)  And even if there were female urinals, I don’t think I can bear to go in there,  I’d rather pee in my pants.  Wala lang, parang unfair lang.

The no Cubao Ilalim/no Crossing Ilalim don’t bother me (though it really pisses me off when I’m in a hurry and too lazy to climb the MRT).

The no left turn at EDSA don’t bother me (though I’m wondering if it really helped ease the congestion, as far as I can see, it’s still traffic).

One time, I overheard a couple of guys saying "Oppressive nman itong ginagawa sa ating commuters ng MMDA.  Halatang-halata na LOSER ka dahil pagkalayo-layo ng nilalakad mo to reach your destination, unlike pag may car ka, diretso sa tapat ng building, or mag-park ka lang ayos na."  This don’t bother me, though this might be the reason more and more cars reach the streets, people are too lazy to walk.

What bothers me though, are the concrete barriers on the U-turn slots without proper signage.  "Protected and safe" , "Motorist-Friendly" my ass.


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