I’m a Coward!

26 Jul

Darn it!

The “likes” are there:

  1. Appearance – Well, you’re not totally handsome.  Let’s say uhm, TOLERABLE (=CUTE). But I’m not a bombshell either.  That makes us even.
  2. Affection –  Yes, you’re cocky (Hahaha. Should I use a different term?) Admit it or not, you CARE for me.  You really, really care.
  3. Interests – We have our own, but the similarities are “strange”.
  4. Longing – I miss you too.  Hope to see you soon.  And spend more time with you…and so on an so forth…

So you ask, I’m a coward on what?

YOU IDIOT!  You cute IDIOT! Stop reading and ask me.

And if you happen to be NOT this idiot, go away!  This post is not for you.  Come back when I’m more or less of the coward that I am now.

(Sarap talagang mag-blind item) Hihihihi…..


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