27 May

I have always wanted to learn how to swim.

It’s always a pity during outings that I only dip, I never go to the deep parts at the beach, or if I do I never leave the gutter at the pool.  All because I was afraid of drowing.

Last year I paid 50% on a professional swimming class. Darn it, work got in the way, and I never even attended the first session. So for the summer last year I went to places that had pools and dipping was the best that I could do.


But this summer, I didn’t enroll, good thing I had buddies who have the same plight.  We searched high and low for a place to go.  And we have.  An plus factor here is we also found TIME to actually start it, do it, and stick with it. 

Hopefully in a month’s time we’d be real swimmers–finally.

What I’ve learned/achieved so far:

  1. Breathing.  It’s the main point on learning to swim.
  2. Not losing your balance. (Geez just last Saturday I fell with all my dry clothes!  Too excited I guess.)
  3. Being shameless on wearing swimsuits.  I don’t care anymore. I’ve accepted my body.
  4. Not being afraid to go on without air for a while.  Drowning ain’t likely because if you get afraid just stand up. Well, I practice only on places where I can stand.
  • Update (June 11, 2005) Thanks to Coach Des & Coach Leah, I can now backfloat.  Weeeee!

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