What’s the Deal?

3 May

Feel free to answer them questions or add to the list!

  1. Isn’t the Soda ad depicting Aguinaldo in the coin drinking soda some form of vandalism to legal tender?
  2. Network Marketing/Multi-level Marketing/Independent Business Owners/Distributor People. Some of you are my friends even. I know you mean well. Thanks, but no thanks. You’re everywhere! Had I been interested wouldn’t I be one of you a year ago?
  3. Soaps (Telenovelas/Fantaserye/Telefantasya/Koreanovela etc.) and AMNESIA. It’s of epidemic proportions! Have you actually met a single person in your life who has had amnesia? Please! I want no more of it.
  4. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.  [I know, I know! Political Cliche.  Sorry. Can’t help myself].  If you have been watching Encantadia, Perena (Sunshine Dizon’s character) would surely remind you of the incumbent president.  Should she resign however, I don’t think Noli can handle the presidency. Then who?  Malay.  Just here to whine.

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