Fully Booked!

23 Apr

Inasmuch as I’d love to detail here my previous adventures, I won’t.

You’d have to be part of them.

Nah. Kidding. Can’t help myself anyways.

So here’s part of it:

April 11-16: Cagayan de Oro City and Valencia, Bukidnon (I cheated. That’s not Travel-Pleasure, it’s Travel-Work!)
April 18: Dinner/Talk with a friend.
April 19: Birthday Celeb/Dinner with friends.
April 20: Marikina (Work!) and Badminton with a friend.
April 21: Birthday Celeb/Dinner (again!) with a friend.
April 22: Dinner/Overnight with friends
April 23: Morning Swimming/Sauna at the Mandarin Oriental with Friends.

Nuff said.

May 7 & 14: Hands On Manila Basic Bytes – Ansaya nito!

May 18:  7-9:40pm — Toastmaster’s Club (Guest Muna, esep esep), 10:00-past midnight — Episode III (ROTS)! [Well, that was the plan, I just felt too wiped out for it so I’ll just wait for the DVD since I already know what happened to Anakin anyway.]


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