Cha-cha (Charter Change)

23 Aug

Moving from


What is Chacha?

A really hot dance, my friend. Last Friday I was in Ayala alongside with Cory, Cardinal Sin and the other guys telling Erap not to push it to us.

Come to think of it, this is just a case of being afraid of the dark. Because if you really review the constitution, it has items there where it could have been done better, which is what Erap wants to do.

But why now? Why in the midst of suspending death penalty, the Cherry Hills tragedy, increasing crime rate and many more bad things that keep happening to the country? Does our good President think he could remedy those with a “constitutional correction”? I think not.

At this point, proper implementation of laws that are in place would suffice for now. Until we could really need the changes, and make “economic” reforms (by the legalization of foreign ownership of land, businesses–the more to tax them with, unless they are Lucio Tan na luciot ng luciot sa tax proceedings).



2011 Update:  Current Cojuangco Aquino controversial videos coming around created by Pinoy Monkey Pride have all been pointing to campaign for a change in the constitution of the Philippines.


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