Don’t be a victim of the Midnight Sale!

25 Mar

Moving from


I was duped again.

Last Friday, there was a midnight sale at one of those ultra class malls within MegaManila, and once again, as before, I went there and bought stuff. And what happened to me there? I was super inis kasi andaming tao, ansikip, antrapik, tapos ang susungit pa ng mga saleslady.

And I almost forgot about the fact that weeks before the actual sale, these people would increase their prices. So parang you’re buying it at its normal price less the daming tao. And if ever makahanap ka ng talagang mura ay sus matagal na yung wala noh kse naunahan ka na ng mga saleslady doon. Tapos pag labas mo at maghahanap la ng taxi pahirapan! Pero that’s another matter.

When I got out of the mall I promised myself that I would never indulge into sales like this. Pero, wait, what’s that? Another sale? Bah! Okay ah! I’ll be there! Arrrghh!


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