Echegaray v2

4 Feb

Moving on from


Follow up on Echegaray. He has become a national issue. Would you guys believe that over this guy I had a lot of arguments from the pro-life group? I used to be so consumed by it. But heck, he’s not worth losing friends over so I kinda shut up on the topic for a while.

But my opinion still stands.

So, nde nga natuloy yung execution niya nung Jan 4, kaya naman nde ako makakibo. Okay lang. Isip ko, matutuloy din naman yun kahit anong mangyari. If not the government, the mob would get him for sure. Pero kung nde na naman sya matuloy tomorrow, ba, ibang usapan na yan.

And it’s not just about the rape issue, he also sells drugs and hacks his neighbors you know.

“Ang mikrobyo, nde bine-baby yan — pinapatay.” – Maricel Soriano

Yun lang. Watch out for my valentine edition.


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