Echegaray Execution on Christmas Season

13 Dec

Moving from regarding the implementation of the death penalty to a convicted rapist who, until is last breath denied any wrongdoing to his accuser.


I am serious today.

Should the Echegaray execution push through? I know it’s Christmas time. I also know that the human rights advocates, the Vatican and the European Union have asked the President to stop it. And Erap courageously declined their request. Indeed his hands are tied. The law has provided for it and if you continually waive/override(?) it’s powers, what use it is to the people?

Let us also not forget that this man is convicted of repeatedly raping his stepdaugther. He surely violated the human rights of this girl. He does not even have the guts to admit it to the end. If he really did not do it, what would be the motive of a young girl claiming that she was indeed raped by her stepfather?

I know that the girl he was convicted of raping would never have a normal life ever again. Even if he is executed. But if we do not kill this man, how do we scare other rapists? Besides, if the penalty is only reclusion perpetua, we would still have to pay for these asshole’s board and lodging, and food even. And I am certainly not in the mood or will to pay for this man’s food, or shelter.

Should the Echegaray execution push through? Of course. The sooner the better. Madami na rin naman siyang nakain sa kulungan noh.


Execution pushed through, with Leo Echegaray‘s last words insisting his innocence.


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